3rd International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest, Turkey


About the International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest

Green Crescent organizes the International Green Cartoon Contest to raise awareness and create awareness of the world, our country and especially young people against addictions.

With the third contest of this year, by including cartoonists around the world in our fight, we aim to convey their effective messages which they create with their own styles and humour elements.

Subject of the Contest: “Preventive Effect of Sports against Addictions"

Sport and moving life have a preventive power and influence on avoiding addictive substances. With sports and moving life which are of great importance for us to live happier and healthier, we can ensure that individuals, society and future generations stay away from addictions. That is why we want to share the power and influence of sports and moving life with the world and young people through the eyes of you cartoonists. We identified the main topic of the contest as the “preventive effect of sports against addictions”.

We kindly ask you to apply our dear cartoonists on this issue.

Thank you for your contribution.

December 31, 2018


First Prize 2000 Euro Also a plaque will be given as a prize.
Achievement Awards (5 awards) 500 Euro



source: 3rd International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest, Turkey

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