12th Biennial International Cartoon Contest, Slovakia

12th Biennial International Cartoon Contest, Slovakia 
Topic: a / Obesity b / Free Topic.

1. author must send at least 2 papers on each topic
2. work must be original
3. free format - recommended A4
4. Enter your name, age, occupation, address, phone number and email on the back of the job, and welcome the job title
5. Awarded works become the property of the organizer
6. Other works may be returned at the request of the author
7. All submitted work may be used for promotional purposes of the competition
8. By the competition, the author agrees with the conditions of the competition
9. to correspond with the organizers of the competition in the Slovak language, we require communication with foreign participants in English
10. send the work to 27 August 2018 at:
Námestie sv. Michala 3, 920 01 Hlohovec
11. Envelope mark FRAŠTACKÝ TŔŇ 2018
12. The jury will decide on the winners at its meeting on September 11, 2018. The jury decision will be awarded to the contestants informed in writing.

1st place - 200, - EUR
2nd place - 100, - EUR
3rd place - 50, - EUR
The jury has the right to decide to award additional prizes or not to award any of the prizes.

The announcement of the results and the opening of the competition will be on 5 October 2018 in the Vlastivedno Museum, Františkánske námestie, Hlohovec.

Contacts: František Bojničan - 0905/352 506,,

Source: 12th Biennial International Cartoon Contest, Slovakia 

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