Teacher of SMP Negeri 17 Semarang Win a Cartoon Contest in Korea

Teacher of SMP Negeri 17 Semarang Win a Cartoon Contest in Korea.

GOLDPENCIL.ID- Teacher of fine arts SMP Negeri 17 Semarang, Suratno again the name of the Indonesian nation in the international arena. The man born in Semarang June 5, 1963 was featured as the champion in the contest titled "The 6th Sejong International Cartoon Contest SICACO 2017, Korea". His work won the award with the title "Gold Price".

"I do not think that winning, because the winning work is not my favorite," said Ratno, co-founder of Gold Pencil Indonesia, Friday (3/11/2017).

In this contest, Ratno sends five works according to the maximum delivery conditions. The winning cartoons raise the topic of the tank with the theme of "success and failure".

He said, the achievement is the highest among the awards he received before. Gold Price Sicaco 2017 is the eighth collection of international awards in the field of cartoons during the period 2017. Previously, Ratno also became one of the winners in the Jiaxing 2017 in China.

Eight international awards achieved during 2017 make Ratno more excited. He also invited his students to participate in international cartoon contest.

"This month SMP 17 wants to break the record of most participants We have sent the works to Romania with the theme of winter.Almost 100 students participate send the work," he said.

Ratno hoped, the number of participants of the competition from SMP 17 can beat the participants from other countries that have been dominant. Thus, he said, the chance to win would be greater.

In addition to the focus in the international cartoon competition, SMP 17 currently also develops cartoon batik. Motifs developed are the works of students who become finalists of the contest. It is now entering the production stage. It's just that the product of cartoon batik produced can not be marketed.

Ratno is grateful, the cartoon development effort in his school has the support of various parties. Not only from the teachers and students, parents also support. "We are trying to make SMP 17 become the center of cartoon study in Semarang City," he said.

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