The IX “Molla Nasreddin” Azerbaijan  2018, International Cartoon Contest
Theme :
“Jubilee” (“Molla Nasreddin” Cartoon Contest is 10 years old).
“Jubilee” (I’m 50 years old).
Deadline : 10 October 2018
Email :
Work:  2-5 works, 300 dpi
I   Place - gold medal and diploma
II  Place - silver medal and diploma
III Place - bronze medal and diploma
Special Award by Jury
Special Award by Azerbaijan Artists’ Union
Special Award by Azerbaijan Cartoon Center

International Cartoon Contest CUSCO 2018
Theme :
a weapon against Corruption
Deadline : October 14, 2018
Email :
maximum of 3 illustrations without dialogues, speech or text balloons.
FIRST PLACE USD 1,000 = +diploma
SECOND PLACE USD 500= +diploma
THIRD PLACE USD 250= +diploma
HONORABLE MENTION (which the jury may consider convenient) diploma
The first International CAIROCATURE Cartoon Contest-Egypt/ 2018 
Theme :
Cartoon: The Outsider
Caricature: Ahmed Zewail (Portrait)
Ahmed Hassan Zewail ( February 26, 1946 – August 2, 2016) was an Egyptian- scientist, known as the "father of femtochemistry".He was awarded the 1999 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on femtochemistry and became the first Egyptian to win a Nobel Prize in a scientific field.Deadline : November 1, 2018
Email :
Each Participant Can Send Up To 3 Cartoons.
Golden, Silver, Bronze and 5 Special Prizes.

2nd International Our Heritage Jerusalem Cartoon Contest 2018
Theme : Our Heritage Jerusalem
Deadline : November 16, 2018
Mail : MIRASIMIZ DERNEGİ Aksemsettin Mah. Halicilar Cd. No:12 34080 Fatih-Istanbul / TURKEY
Work:  More than one caricature related to the subject of the competition may be sent. (There is no limit to the number of pieces.)
First Prize                               15.000 TL.
Second Prize                           10.000 TL.
Third Prize                                 7.500 TL.
Association of Mirasımız Special Prize    1.000 TL.
Naci el-Ali Special Prize                           1.000 TL.
Necmettin Erbakan Special Prize              1.000 TL.
II. Abdulhamid Han Special Prize             1.000 TL.
Selahaddin Eyyubi Special Prize               1.000 TL.
International Cartoon Competition Brain Sneezing 2018, Slovakia 
Deadline : November 20th 2018
Email :
Work: Each author can send maximum 5 original works.
1st prize
500.00 EUR
2nd prize
300.00 EUR
3rd prize
200.00 EUR
Theme : “Travel memories“
Deadline : 31 December 2018
Email :
Work: maximum three works
Awards Prizes
The Grand Award $3000
The Second Award Holiday in Turkey (5 days, 2 persons)
The Third Award Holiday in Turkey (5 days, 2 persons)
Professor Atila Özer Recognition Award $1500
Two Mansions Plate

Awards Prizes
The Grand Award $1500
Two Achievement Awards Plate

International Cartoon Contest Knokke-Heist 2019, Belgium
Theme : Free
Deadline : 31 December 2018
Email :
Work: Maximum 5 submissions per person, black and white or colour.
Golden Hat 5.000 € *
Silver Hat 2.000 € *
Bronze  Hat 1.000 € *
Audience Award 500 €

The 4th International Biennial Book Cartoon Contest 2018-Iran
Theme : Book & City, Book & Life, Book & Family, Book & Child, Book & Library, Book & Librarian, Book & Media, Book & Future
Deadline : 31 December 2018
Email :
Work: Send Cartoons Must Be 200 Dpi Resolutions, Width Or Length 2000 Pixel & Jpg Format..
    First Prize: 1800 Euro, Trophy, Mention
    Second Prize: 1300 Euro, Trophy, Mention
    Third Prize: 900 Euro, Trophy, Mention
    With Five 400 Euro For Five Person With Trophy, Mention
 1st Welt Heimat International Cartoon Contest 
Theme : War and Humanity
Deadline : January 20, 2019
Email :
Work: Technical use is free in the works to be sent to the competition. The size of the artwork should be at least A-4 (29.7 cm x 21 cm), A-3 (29.7 cm x 42 cm), 300 dpi, and JPG format.
    1st Award: 500 Euro
2nd Award: 300 Euro
3rd Award: 150 Euro
5 Honorable Mentions (awards given by various organizations).