Manga Contest: 2nd World Manga Senbatsu, Japan

Manga Contest: 2nd World Manga Senbatsu
Manga Contest: 2nd World Manga Senbatsu
The “World Manga Senbatsu” is a manga contest held for the past 28 years by Niconico Manga, ComicWalker, and Kochi prefecture’s “Manga Kingdom Tosa promotion council,” and the administrators of the annual “National High School Manga Championship.” The contest has a High School Student Category (1-page manga) and two open categories (1 or multi-page manga), each with different requirements, themes, and formats, and will be open to entries worldwide.

As a sponsor, Celsys will present free, three month licenses of their manga creation software “Clip Studio Paint EX” to all survey respondents to use in their entries. Additionally, Grand Prize winners will receive a copy of “Clip Studio Paint EX,” and Prize for Excellence winners will receive a copy of “Clip Studio Paint PRO.”

Apply for a  Clip Studio Paint EX 3-month license.

World Manga Senbatsu

September 4 (Sun) - December 1 (Sun) 2019 23:59 (JST)

-High School Student Category (1-page manga)      
-Open Category (1-page manga)         
Making a Comeback/Revival
-Open Category (Story manga)        
*No theme

-High School Student Category  
Contestants must be between 15 - 19 years of age as of April 2, 2019  Contestants must be students enrolled in an educational institution (any country)
-Open Category  
Participation is open to anyone (including high school students)

Preliminary Round: Late January 2020
Final Round: March 7th (Sat), 2020

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