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5 International competition of caricature and graphic humor - NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA - 2019

5 International competition of caricature and graphic humor - NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA - 2019  
5 International competition
of caricature and graphic humor
"Tribute to Ismael Roldán"

We present to all of you the convocation of the fifth edition that honors the Colombian caricature in the person of the teacher Ismael Roldán, on the tenth anniversary of his death.

Again this year we are supported by the Comic without Borders Exhibition of Pereira in its 19th edition.

Born in Cali (Colombia), March 19, 1964. At age 2 he is taken to Bogotá by his family and in life he finds the company of drawing. At age 14 he is seduced by the art of maestro David Levine who will later be his great mentor. He studied Graphic Design at the National University of Colombia and studied art in Spain, the Dominican Republic, England and the USA. There he personally meets Levine with whom he has a relationship as a teacher, a disciple who helps him improve his work and expand his professional graphic horizon.

His work was published in various media such as: Newsweek, Forbes, New York Post, Sports Illustrated, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Upside, USA. News and World Report, Los Angeles Times, Business 2.0, Games, The Baltimore Sun, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Times

In 2009, on September 15 he died in the USA.


1) Open to all professional cartoonists in the world, preferably adults (18 years old). Deadline: September 8 of this year.

2) There will be 2 categories, Graphic Humor and Physics Caricature
A .: Ismael Roldán physiognomic caricatures (no portraits).
Images and information


B. Graphic humor: Olympic Games, Olympics and Sports.

3) AWARD (by Confirm):
- Caricature
- 1, 2, 3 Position + 5 Honorable Mentions: Virtual Diploma.

Graphic humour
- 1, 2, 3 Position + 5 Honorable Mentions: Virtual Diploma.

"Graphic Recognition and Graphic Humor Noticartun Colombia" (Printed Diploma).

There will also be an "audience award" on facebook and instagram networks, for works with more likes, that have not already been awarded.

In addition, a virtual catalog will be designed to host the official contest site.

4) Each participant can present in the event a maximum of 1 work per subject but can only be awarded in one category and can be participated with black and white or color cartoons.

5) About the JURY:

5 International competition of caricature and graphic humor - NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA - 2019
5 International competition of caricature and graphic humor - NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA - 2019

Jorge Restrepo (Tuluá):
Painter, Caricaturist and Illustrator of the magazine SEMANA. He published in SoHo magazine, newspaper EL TIEMPO in Colombia and EL PAÍS newspaper in Spain. He has illustrated for the editorials Gijalbo and Editorial Planeta
Raúl "Guaico" Grisales:
Caricaturist, illustrator and humorous cartoonist. His work has appeared in various publications such as: "La Pulga" (USA), "Adda" (Spain), Zona Rosa (Pereira, Colombia), Todo Bien (Argentina), Newspaper Siglo XXI (United States) Dynamite ( United States), El Tiempo (Colombia), ADN (Colombia)
Jairo "Jarape" Peláez:  Chemist by profession, caricaturist for fluctuations in the entropy of the universe. Currently published in El Espectador but I have done previously in El Tiempo, La República, El Nuevo Siglo and some chemical magazines here in Colombia, USA and Canada.

Nelson Zuluaga:
Creative and Visual Designer. Director Sample of Comic Without Borders of Pereira (19 years old). Editor, scriptwriter and cartoonist. He has shared the scene with greats of the drawing and the comic like Carlos Trillo and David Lloyd.
Silvano Mello " Mello"(Brasil) Brazilian graphic humorist, winner of several awards in the world of caricature and recognized since 2007

Ferreol Murillo "Ferrom" (Costa Rica) Caricaturist, Illustrator and graphic designer. Winner of international awards of caricature.

Jason Seiler (USA)
Caricaturist, painter and illustrator of publications such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, Der Spiegel, Business Week, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, MAD Magazine, etc..

They can participate with works but only as a collaboration and not for awards and can not be taken into account for awards work of family or people with whom they have current work commitments, if necessary.

6) The cartoons sent must have a maximum dimension of 30 x 40 cms. JPG, 300 dpi.

7) You can participate with cartoons that have already been published or previously awarded. The selected works will be online so that if in any case someone has a complaint about the originality of the work, the jury and the organization of the contest, they will review the case and select a new finalist work.

8) All the drawings presented must be made from original ideas drawn or painted, whether they are presented analogously (scanned) or digitally. Mo will accept memes, photographs, scanned photocopies, photomontages, collage.

9) Participants must send a short curriculum vitae in word, contact information (Name, surname, email, web or blog and country of origin of the participant) and a photograph or self caricature.

10) Each author owns their rights to their work and only authorizes the International Cartoon and Graphic Humor Contest - NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA to use it in this online tribute and its promotional pieces or in possible exhibitions of cultural nature, without any economic retribution for the parts. Any problem with copyright will be assumed by the participant.

11) The International Cartoon and Graphic Humor Competition - NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA, reserves the right to exhibit works that it understands may violate individual or collective rights.

12) Participation in the contest implies full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions.

13) Jobs must be sent to:
International cartoon and graphic humor contest - NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA


Director Noticartún Contest:
Camilo A. Triana C. "TRIANA"
Sub Director Noticartún Contest:
Juan Camilo Lopera Arroyave "JÚCALO"

Competition history Noticartún Colombia:
Concurso internacional de caricatura y humor gráfico - Noticartún Colombia- 2014-2019
5 International competition of caricature and graphic humor - NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA - 2019
Camilo A. Triana C.
Juan Camilo Lopera Arroyave
Sub Director 
Sitio Concurso:
Facebook: @concursonoticartuncol
311 572 2831

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