Yemen Exhibition from the eye of the UWC's artists

Humanity is dying in YEMEN!

Yemen Exhibition from the eye of the UWC's artists.

Dear UWC cartoonists, there are been a humanitarian recent years tragedying in Yemen. And the world is almost blinded to what happened in Yemen.

If we are can use our pencil to be the conscience of humanity We'r can doing something that is worthy of both our drawing and our humanity.

We are UWC cartoonists, can't be insensitive to the injustices evil and massacres.

If they are eligible, we'r expect at least a caricatures of arrays until December 12, 2018 at the latest.

We's our goal is to cartoons exhibition in 100 countries for Yemen. For those under difficult circumstances in Yemen to try to we'r do something as a conscientious owner.

As UWC, we think we can do good things for humanity with 1563 cartoonists in 160 countries around the world.

Post submission address:

Best Regards.
UWC Management

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