8. SICACO Sejong International Cartoon Contest 2019, South Korea

1 is organized in two parts:
A) Subject section  (Theme section) subject: Hot X Cold  (Hot X Cold)
B) Free theme section  (Free section): Free topics: Sports, Children, etc.  (Free: Sports, Children, etc).
Domain 2:  Works / drawing 297 mm x 420 mm (A3) should be small in size (paper may be A3).
3. Technical / Issue:  Free. However, it asked to be sent at least 3 original work for a good prize. (Last in a message sent to the edition, will be accepted in digital products output will be sent by traditional mail has been reported ). In addition, posters, postcards, exhibition catalogs or album If you have, you can also add them to samples from.
4. Each of the work back side of the artist's title (Title eg Mr / Mr, Ms / Madam, such as DR / Doctor), name and surname (Name), age (Age), address (Address), telephone number (Telephone Number), hand to (E-mail ) and career (Career: for example Cartoonist / cartoonist, Student / Student Worker / as workers) must be in writing.
5.Awards:  Grand Prize 3000, Gold Award / First 1000, 2 Silver Award / Second 500, 4 Bronze Award / Third Place $ 300. And also selected artists - students covered by section - special awards or honorable mentions are given to young artists (300 Award Certificate to the winner of the competition album + is sent).
6.Yarış The exhibition  will be opened in October 2019 in Sejong city galleries.
7.Cartoons will not be given back, is on permanent display in museums and galleries and Korea as promotional cards, posters, albums, newspapers, magazines, books, website, etc. used.
8. Submission deadline:  August 31, 2019
9 Contest address:
Sejong Int'l Cartoon Institute
450, Wolpyeongdong
Daejeon, Seoul 35221

10. Competition manager:
Dr. San Lim Cheong ,
Sejong President of the Institute of International Cartoon
Tel: 82 (070) 7757-9944
Ceptel: 82-10-5425-6115
E-mail: I
http: // (All participating works).

Source: 8. SICACO Sejong International Cartoon Contest 2019, South Korea

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