The Winners of Xilingol Vocational College First International Cartoon Competition, China

Grand Prize: Hairhan, China
First Prize: Efat Amjadipoor, Iran
First Prize: Hou Xiaoqiang, China
Second Prize: Abdou Dahdouh, Morocco
Second Prize: Hogjilbayar, China
Second Prize: Mojmir Mihatov, Croatia
Third Prize: Anatoly Stakulov, Bulgaria
Third Prize: Askin Ayrancioglu, Turkey
Third Prize: Bayandelger, China
Third Prize: Fu Xianyu Sichuan, China
Third Prize: Majid Bozorgi, Iran
Honorable Mention: Cai Weidong Gansu, China
Honorable Mention: Gai Guibao, China
Honorable Mention: Jitet Kustana, Indonesia
Honorable Mention: Miro Stefanovic, Serbia
Honorable Mention: Vladimir Stankovski, Serbia
Honorable Mention: Emad Salehi, Iran
Honorable Mention: Li Jingshan, China
Honorable Mention: Jargalsaihan, China
Honorable Mention: Dong Xudong, China
Honorable Mention: HaiQuan, China

Excellent Prize: Zhou Zhiqian, China

Excellent Prize: Sun Demin, China 

Honorable Mention: Ross Thomson, England

Excellent Prize: Chubasco Toons, Mexico

Excellent Prize: Tang Haifeng, China
Excellent Prize: Vladimir Pavlik, Slovakia

Excellent Prize: Hao Yanpeng, China

Excellent Prize: Halit Kurtulmus Aytoslu, Turkey

Excellent Prize: Kazanevsky Vladimir, Ukraine

Excellent Prize: Elvis Corrales Rodriguez, Cuba
Source: Catalog of  Xilingol Vocational College Firt International Cartoon Competition, China

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